Ways to Exercise if You Hate to Work Out: Part 1

Video Games
You can fence, box, dance, and play virtual tennis, basketball, and other sports. In one study, people who walked, ran, and climbed on a special mat during a fantasy role-playing game did more exercise than if they’d spent the same amount of time on a treadmill. As a bonus, if you play active games, you’re more likely to do more “non-gaming” exercise.
Want to get two things done at once? You’ll get a “moderate” workout if you wash and wax your car, clean out the gutters, or mop or vacuum the floors. It’ll help get you in better physical shape, and a clean car or house may boost your mental well-being, too.
You’ll burn around 5 calories a minute, about as many as with a brisk walk. And you’ll use about the same amount of oxygen as if you were raking leaves. Plus, research shows that it may help prevent heart disease, though that only seems to be true if you’re in a healthy relationship.
It can be social, and it’s lots of fun, even if you do it by yourself. It can tone your muscles and strengthen your heart and lungs. It also might lift your spirits. All you need is a bit of music to get your groove going.




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